Shipping is always at the customer expense unless otherwise negotiated. We charge a flat rate of $75 to most places in the U.S. We always ship to your closest FedEx Hub and ‘Hold at Location’. This can be negotiated in the winter only. We ship Tuesdays and Wednesdays for following day delivery when the weather permits on both ends. We understand everyone is anxious to receive their new additions to their colonies or home. The safety of our animals comes first.

Refund/Return Policy

We don’t have a no refund and return policy. If you are not happy with something I sold you within reason and can prove that you didn’t do any damage/harm the animal I will likely buy it back from you. Buying from me is safe. We are honest.

On Hold Options

YES! We will accept payments and Hold onto animals until you are ready to receive them. 30% down and the animal will hold for 30 days. If you haven’t reached out to us by then, we assume you love donating as much as we do and so we’ll donate the money to USARK. Please consider getting a membership with them and help them keep our rights in tact.