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Wildcard Geckos

Starting as Wildcard Geckos, we have developed into a 3 person breeder team. Helping each other and growing together with our own very distinctive and favored projects. Samantha with Squishy Geckos, Alec with Citrus Geckos and myself (Joe), the original Wildcard.

As proud USARK SILVER members we entertain a living breathing website that is constantly changing. Below you will find links to follow us on instagram. A business biased platform, but useful in it’s entirety. You will also notice constant growth and unfinished pages.

Our husbandry practices are top tier. With sanitary living conditions and safe breeding practices, our animals are given every opportunity to thrive. We are extremely open to communication and always put the safety of our animals first.

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Squishy Geckos / Citrus Geckos

Coming into the hobby as a side job, these two impressive breeders have thrown themselves into integral parts of the operation at different capacities.

Samantha has a love for White and Yellows for their coloring and electric look and Alec enjoys more of the Bold Tangerine morph. A lot of work goes into caring for a raising up these animals and both of these awesome and ethical breeders have several generations of gecko husbandry under their belts.

Together, we run out of a 1200 ft² commercial facility equipped with proper electrical distribution from the breaker panel to all power sources and and industrial sized cleaning station. Our breeder animals are kept in V35 tubs with proper ventilation for eliminating odors. Our supplementation is always on point as well as or feeding and sanitary processes.

Squishy Geckos

Wildcard Geckos

Citrus Geckos

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    Wildcard Geckos

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